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People use the DayClock in all these countries. The DayClock shows time, day of the week
and part of the day in the language of each country.



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DayClocks provides more structure and clarity during the day, by not only showing the time, but also appointments of the user every day. These can be scheduled by the user and/or the caregiver(s).

There is a wide range of possibilities for adding photographs to the different functions, like the schedule or the screen. The photographs can be adjusted to personal preferences. For example, recognition and memories will be activated by these photographs, creating safety and stability, on days with an empty schedule.

DayClock provides clarity and structure over day and week by clearly marking the different parts of the day (morning, afternoon, evening and night) and days of the week. You can adjust these to your own personal preferences.

Due to a clear view, DayClock provides an easy representation of time, the way the user prefers. Both analogue and/or digital options are available.


29 October 2017

DayClocks reviews

DayClocks reviews

DayClocks reviews from The Netherlands

The company DayClocks was founded in The Netherlands and has its roots there. We have translated some of the DayClocks reviews we have received from our +1.500 customers, to give you a better understanding of the value of the DayClock.

My mother lives alone. She finds the Dayclock very cosy. For us – (grand)children – it’s really nice to send her messages and photo’s. Of nice memories, but also for example from our holiday addresses. She becomes very happy, also from a simple good-night, good-morning or I wish you a pleasant day.
Or messages that we come to visit her or that we’re gonna do something fun. Even if she later isn’t able to watch clock than she still can see the photo’s and the messages’.

Annette Tuinhof de Moed-Jenezon



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