12 juli 2017

A story of one of our customers Some time ago we read an article about DayClock, a convenient and smart aid to help elderly memorise the day and the schedule, on the website Smarthealth.nl. DayClock is a tablet which serves as a digital list which can be put anywhere in the house. It also displays the current time and date. When an appointment is scheduled, a notification sound will be played which tells the user about a new activity.

We have a mentally-challenged daughter, and most importantly, she needs clarity and structure. I did not realise it at first, but my wife suggested that DayClock would be a very interesting choice for our daughter. Next to the fact that she is 14 years old and has typical teenage stubbornness, she also struggles with keeping track of time and day planning. It is a challenge every day to get her out of bed, make her have breakfast, wash her hair, get her dressed and on her way on time. It is possible, but tough. My wife suggested to e-mail Marcel van Lier, the entrepreneur of DayClock, and to ask him if he ever considered developing a DayClock for mentally challenged. Very soon I received a positive response; he was interested to try. DayClock was delivered to our home soon after. It was easy to unwrap and adjust the settings to our personal preferences. The website and making of appointments into the schedule also was. A nice feature concerned adding an image to every appointment. We started with adding notifications/appointments for getting up in the morning, going to bed, bath time, times she had to stop playing on the tablet or computer and times she had to go training for g-hockey. In no time, DayClock was integrated into our daily lives, better yet, a new challenge did arise; if the DayClock does not show an appointment, it is not true, according to our daughter. Taken together, our daughter, and we, are more than satisfied and happy with our DayClock. As parents we acquired a new tool and our daughter has more structure and regularity in her life, combined with learning how to read the clock and data, a practise she really needs. We really recommend DayClock to everyone in need for a little more structure. Due to privacy reasons no names are used.