29 oktober 2017

DayClocks reviews from The Netherlands

The company DayClocks was founded in The Netherlands and has its roots there. We have translated some of the DayClocks reviews we have received from our +1.500 customers, to give you a better understanding of the value of the DayClock.

My mother lives alone. She finds the Dayclock very cosy. For us – (grand)children – it’s really nice to send her messages and photo’s. Of nice memories, but also for example from our holiday addresses. She becomes very happy, also from a simple good-night, good-morning or I wish you a pleasant day.
Or messages that we come to visit her or that we’re gonna do something fun. Even if she later isn’t able to watch clock than she still can see the photo’s and the messages’.

Annette Tuinhof de Moed-Jenezon

My mother has the clock since one week. It works perfect and she really likes the fact that it shows pictures of her appointments and photo’s of her children and grandchildren.
For us it’s also very easy to operate using the app on the smartphone or by computer.
And very convenient that my mother doesn’t have to operate anything herself. Everyone who’s is visiting her is very enthusiastic. This is a real recommendation!

Marina van Krieken

Dayclock is a real help for everyone who’s taking care for someone with dementia. Dayclock gives people a more peacefull mood, it gives trust and insecurities decrease !!! Also for caregivers it brings additional support, just by reminding your loved one that’s time for diner, or that the physiotherapist or the hair stylist is coming for a visit, etc. A phonecall most óf the times doesn’t work anymore, because she’s forgotten directly what has been said. That’s why a message on the dayclock is an additional add !!! The subscriptionmoney is for sure not expensive, a real recommendation !!!’

Inge Janssens 

Recently I bought a Dayclock for our dad.
That man is so incredible happy with this clock; he finds it amazing.
The photo’s he finds sometimes hard to understand, but the time and date and the day and part of the day … he keeps on talking about it, he finds it really easy. Also his children are very satisfied with the clock for the peace it gives him and us. I really recommend this clock.

Christa Langens

Great product, very easy to handle and a reliable support for us as caregivers. I can recommend the Dayclock to everyone.
And furtheron a very pleasant and customerfriendly support !
Please go on with furher development of this concept!

Leike Rijks 

My mother who recently started to suffer from dementia is really incredible happy with her Dayclock. In her own words: “A better gift you couldn’t have given me”. She makes a lot of use of the Dayclock and watches it on regularly base. My mother has no WiFi, but with the personal hotspot hotspot on my smartphone, the agenda als operates fine. I’ve mailed on that matter with an employee. Perfect and very friendly service.’

Petruschka Feberwee

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